What is the total of Jeff Bezos net worth?

With several awards and the might of handling the orders of billions of people from across the world, Amazon is one of the world’s largest online based retailing services that traces its humble roots all the way back to the year 1994 when it first began as an online book store where the founder Jeff Bezos sold books to the avid readers by directly arranging delivery.

The model was an instant success with the people who began using Amazon in great numbers to order their books and the sellers were quick to join in too. As the popularity rose, Jeff decided to take it to a whole new level and put up the first ever online commerce based website which sold everything and took Jeff Bezos net worth to a whole new level.

The model was one of the first ever to be set up in the entire world and laid the foundation for a business that would one day spread across a whole slew of different sectors and also spread across the world to provide the services. Amazon continues to retain its humble beginnings at a large scale with a special book store section on its website and also redefined how people read.

Jeff Bezos redefined the whole reading sector with the introduction of the Kindle reader as a simple solution to storing multiple books with a sufficient battery without attaching too much software and keeping it cheap. The product became an instant hit and continues to sell in the millions even today. The big boom in sales has driven up Jeff Bezos net worth to $28.7 billion.

This innovation by Jeff has driven up the brand and company value to new heights which have reaped big benefits for Jeff. click here to get more information ryan henry net worth.

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