What is press release?

Companies must use various advertising tools to make them known and to stand out among the competition. However, one of the best and most efficient is press release. They consist of articles written with SEO optimization, where all the information that you want to reach the public, which can be about the promotion of a brand, a service or a product, is captured.

Although the companies themselves can make press release available through their own means, it is advisable to work together with a distribution company such as Linking News, who has a team of experts who will be responsible for carrying out the publications of the articles supplied by the companies in the most recognized media, both national and international.

Among the benefits that can be enjoyed by a company that uses press release as an advertising tool, we can mention the increase in visibility and a better positioning among the main positions of Internet search engines, which will make it possible to capture potential customers and enhance the brand and the name of the company, because when presenting a promotion in well-known media, the company and its products acquire a greater sense of quality and prestige, which in turn can lead them to overcome the competition

In this sense, leaving everything in the hands of the Linking News team, the press release, as they are also known, the company can count on the guarantee that their advertising will be distributed through more than ten thousand media and over a thousand social media networks around the world, among which can be mentioned the likes of NBC, FOX, CBS; ABC, among many more. Equally, it reaches the hands of professionals of journalism, which are more than 30,000 among their contacts.

To learn more about the services offered by Linking News, it is recommended to visit the link to their website https://www.linkingnews.com/, where all the channels through which the information is transmitted are also shown.

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