What is bitcoin mixing all about?

Bitcoin mixing is a tor hidden service this is used using the smart technology so that it can delete all your bitcoin transaction history and helps you in making 100% anonymous transaction. This will help you in removing all the connection that you are having with the coins in the past. That means that nobody can blockchain and tracks you down.

You will not have to give any personal information for using the bitcoin mixer. You just have to send your old coins so that you can exchange it for the new coins. The features that will help you in doing the bitcoin mixing are:

• It provides you protection against the blockchain analysis

• You will be provided with the variable delays and the randomized services for free.

• They help you in providing loyalty and appointment programs as well.

How can you access bitcoin mixing?

Bitcoin mixing can be provided to you anywhere and to anyone all over the world. You can easily mix you coin anonymously following these steps:

• You can download the tor browser bundle it is easy to download and easy to use as well.

• Enter the amount that you want to mix using the bitcoin mixing.

• You can easily create an account and can easily mix your coin instantly.

Why do people have to mix their bitcoins?

Bitcoin is not anonymous. Therefore, anybody can easily know your address and can easily know all the transaction and can easily track the transaction history and can get all the information about the transaction that is being made by you. The person can easily know what are you trading with and with whom can be easily known by the person, therefore, bitcoin mixing can help you in mixing all your coins so that the third party can never know about your transaction.
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