What is a video wall and why have it?

A video wall is an extensive visual display that consists of projectors, multiple monitors and various display technologies overlapped or tiled together to form one single large-scale display structure. Video walls today are changing the way people learn, solve problems and communicate around the globe. At its best, a video wall is a powerful and engaging tool that enhances the ability of users to share, see and understand information. But why should businesses, individuals, organizations, governments have video walls? In most cases, a video wall offers many advantages over using one large LED Screen or display.

One of the most important advantages of a video wall is that it provides large-scale, higher resolution pictures than a typical single LED Display . High resolution of images or videos on one enormous visual display enables users within a given space to view, share information and interact with the video wall more seamlessly. Through a video wall, a group of people can easily bring together their resources and skills on a centralized unit and charter in synergetic monitoring, problem-solving and exploration. A video wall can also offer higher flexibility of dimension and shape than a single display. A modern video wall can be non-rectangular, curved or three- dimensional.

Such properties only suggest that a Video Wall is very versatile compared to single displays. Furthermore, it also means that video walls have the capacity of functioning as immersive 3D simulation systems, research environments and elements of effective architectural designs. When video walls are integrated with efficient software and processors, they can provide many advantages for almost any environment or application. In addition, video wall arrangements can offer enormous benefits in control rooms, from utility control rooms to military command centers and security operation rooms. A video wall generally functions as a large-scale and high-resolution display surface or dashboard. As such, this system can enhance collaboration, heighten situational awareness and assuage brilliant incident response.

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