Urban Dictionary Course Hero: How it is popular today?

According to the Urban Dictionary: Course Hero is a guy in the class whose main aim was to gain popularity through taking extra notes. He generally sits in the first of the class and listen to each and every word of the teacher and takes down notes on whatever he speaks. Then he shares the notes in the entire class and also shares them online and publishes it to gain reputation. The guy who does this is called as course hero in the class by the other students in the class.

What is Course Hero online?
On the concept of the traditional meaning of the word Course Hero, a new platform for student’s learning was introduced in 1999 by Andrew Grauer at Cornell University for the welfare of students. It was invented because it is not possible for a student to search different books or websites to find particular information about a topic. If there will be a one stop location for all information, it will be easier for the students to access.
What all you can find o this online one stop website?
Following are the list of educational materials that you may find on the website:
• Flashcards where you can make digital flashcards.
• Study materials which include notes, courses and information.
• 24/7 online tutors who can help you out in projects and home works.
• Syllabus
• Courses
• Videos on educational tutorials.
What are the problems that are arising today?
Based on the concept of Course Hero Urban Dictionary this website was made for the welfare of students where they can collect notes and get educational help. But in recent times it has resulted into a source of plagiarism and cheating as students now have become lazy and clever. They are not taking any actual education help from the website but rather completing their projects, and home works through scrupulous means.

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