Top myths and misconceptions about addiction and relapse

Many people do not believe that addiction is a chronic disease. In fact, many people are always suspicious of addiction treatment especially when a person who has just come from treatment and relapses. Since people do not see addiction as a chronic disease, they have created many myths and misconceptions about addiction and addicts in general. First, people believe that addiction usually results from overindulgence and weaknesses and that addiction is generally a bad habit. As far as treatment is concerned, many people believe that a person’s willpower is adequate to enable the person stop using drugs or alcohol even when the person is already addicted. Willpower is not enough to stop an addiction, and if proper treatment is not provided, this can lead to alcohol or drug relapse at a later stage.

It is also a myth to suggest that relapse into using drugs and alcohol is enough evidence to suggest that the addiction treatment has failed. What most people do not realize is that once addiction has affected the brain function, reversing the effects can take a long time. Throughout this period, a person needs to undergo chronic relapse treatment on a frequent basis in order to diminish the potential triggers of using drugs or alcohol and create new triggers that are associated with abstinence from substance use. It is worth noting that these misconceptions and myths about addiction and treatment are barriers to addicts seeking treatment especially in thecase of a chronic relapse.

Since many people do not understand the science of addiction, this lack of knowledge has played a big role in maintaining negative beliefs and stereotypes surrounding addiction and relapse. Although people need to be educated about addiction, it is essential that treatment of addiction should be approached the same way treating chronic diseases is approached. In addition, recovering addicts should seek help from chronic relapse treatment center to ensure their long-term sobriety.

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