Tips & Tricks For the Firefly 2

While the Firefly 2 has been one of the highest-rated portable vaporizers out there right now, there’s an important learning curve that may be alienating for newer users. Users more used to session-kind vaporizers have to accommodate a technique that was new to complement the Firefly 2’s on demand heat, too. As we have learned most of the ins and outs and have used the Firefly 2 in an inch of its own life, we’re elated to share with you a few of the finer points of utilizing this apparatus.

As convection heat is used by the firefly 2 vaporizer review, a coarser grind has really worked better. Airflow is enhanced when the grind is not as great. As some space is called for between herbs to enable an even cook this can be great for convection.

You’ll need to make sure the grind stays consistent in spite of a coarser grind; the Zeus Bolt grinder tends to provide the right degree of uniformity and coarseness for such a vaporizer. This will even help prevent herbs from clogging up the screen and escaping down the vapor trail, along with help to maintain the airflow from becoming obstructed.

Package It Up
The Firefly 2 work best with a particular kind of herb packaging, so be sure you’re not discarding the herbs in all willy nilly. Fill the chamber so the lid of the unit is acting to fix the herbs set up, keeping the herbs steady but not jam packed to keep airflow.

After 2 or 3 draws, attempt stirring the bowl by means of your finger (or a thin packaging tool, if accessible); this will softly reset the herbs and support more even cooking.

This can be probably due to herbs that might be overly damp or too closely packaged in, in case your herbs are getting to be subject to combustion. Temperature will max competing from the wetness out, along with the bottom layer of herbs will end up burned off due to having less airflow.

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