Tiger balm a multipurpose topical ointment

Modern day generation thinks that tiger balm has taken back seat and its place is taken by pills and other allopathic medicines. However, truth is Tiger Balm is still holding its position firmly. It is a well-known natural pain reliever brand in most of US and Asian countries. There is another myth about the balm that it can only be used as a pain reliever, whereas in reality this balm is a versatile medicinwhich can be used for various purposes.
Some of the major uses of Tiger Balm are as follows:
Mosquito bites
Mosquito bite causes itching on the skin. Applying balm helps in reliving itching.

Insect and pests repellent
The Balm, because of the presence of menthol, camphor and essential oils the balm has very strong smell. An open bottle of balm keeps the insects away.
Applying balm on the affected wooden furniture repels pests.

Body odor
Menthol and other essential oils in the balm helps in fighting the body odor.

Joint pain reliever
The Balm because of its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties has been used as pain reliever for past 100 years.

Stuffy nose
Menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil present in the balm have decongestants properties. Applying ointment on nose helps in breathing clearly.

Sore throat
Cough results in sore throat, applying ointment on throat gives soothing effect and relieves pain in throat.

Applying balm on temples relieves headache.

Cold feet
Applying balm on the feet increase blood circulation which results in warming of feet.

Fresh clothing and shoes
Balm is rich in menthol and essential oils, hence keeping open bottle in cupboard and shoe racks helps in removing musty smell from them.

Stomach ache
Applying balm around belly button increases blood circulation and gives warming effect. This further results in relieving stomach ache.

Tiger balm with its numerous benefit becomes a must buy for every household.

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