Things aboutJeffree Star’s Boyfriend?

Jeffree Star born on the 15thof Novemberin the year 1985, is an Americansongwriter, singer, make-up artist,fashion designer and occasional model from California. He is known to be as one of the best as well as the popular independent artists of our era. He rose to fame with his first album ‘Beauty Killer’ which was released in 2009. Jeffree Stars boyfriend Nathan Schwandt is in a live-in relationship with jeffree.

Early life of jeffree:

During his time at high school he had a habitofputting his mother’s make up to school. This habit later played a vital role in his modelling, make up and music career. Jeffree with the assistance of fake ids used to attend Hollywood parties dressing himself in mini dress and in there he used to come in contact with celebrities and work at their home.

The career record that he has under his belt:

In 2007, star was part of the ‘true colors tour’ which toured nearly fifteen cities in Canada and the United States of America. He was seen in Kesha’s popular music album ‘take it off.’ Apart from that album he has worked with many big names in the field like Millionaires,Blood on the Dance Floor, Deuce and the Larry Tee. One can catch him on MY space, where he gives lectures on self-image, beauty, fame, confidence and life.

Critics all around the couple:

When it comes to their relationship, people often place the criticism that Nathan is close to Jeffree just because of his attractive mansions and his collection of expensive cars. But people miss out on the fact that Nathan puts out his hard work in the warehouse for jeffree star Cosmetics. Nathan is also a reason for the popularity and the success of the brand.

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