The functioning of HCG in weight loss

Weight gain is the main problem faced by people these days may it be women or men. The present lifestyle with lack of exercise and more of junk food, to which people are getting attracted to in great numbers, creates the problem of being unhealthy and obese by nature. Their immunity reduces automatically and they will be much prone to the diseases and keep unwell. So, for those who are too busy for just making their living and forget to take care of their diet and health, HCG is an option and a boon to them. They are available in the form of hcg drops and tablets which lets a person to choose the method of consuming the medicine as per their need and comfort. Buy hcg and it works as follows:

The HCG hormone is mainly produced during the pregnancy and is made by the cells that are formed in the placenta that has the main function of nourishing the egg after it has been fertilized and it gets attached to the uterine wall. So, this hormone triggers the hypothalamus in the brain that instructs it to release the stored fat into the bloodstream. Later, this fat will be burnt into the form of energy and is used for the nourishment during the phase of low calorie of the hcg diet. This means, the body is being forced to use the mobilized fat spilt into the bloodstream and so the body is burning about 25k-4k calories of energy per day of the fat that is stored in our body. All these activities are done without affecting the muscle tissues or loss in our body. The results can be very well observed in that area which you were mainly concentrating on.

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