The category of this game is simulators, so episode hack is a good option.

In the game, you will have to find an exit to different situations of life using your gems, passes, and tickets. The type of game is life stories (a girl finds love and friendship in a new school), the idea is original, the graphics are beautiful and the game is simple and intuitive, it is worth doing episode cheats and so generate more episode free gems and more episode free passes and so continue playing for more time without spending your money.

This interactive game type application is a simulator of relationships and actions in several incredible situations of real life. On many occasions, while watching a movie or listening to a fascinating story, you wanted to visit the main character’s place to relive their adventures. Or, listening to the story of an acquaintance, the phrase “If I were in your place, I would have done such a thing” … And now, in the game Episode, you have a unique opportunity.
Then, the essence of the game is the following … In each episode separately, you must choose one of the two solutions to the problem or one of the two answers using gems, for this they need to win infinite episode hack. Based on the choice that will be made, the story will develop more and more. So, for example, when you’re asked how to dress for a party? If you choose a beautiful evening dress for your character, she will wear a beautiful dress for the night and may become the center of attention, but if you choose to wear a serious suit, the events of the party will unfold completely differently, and again, the choice made there will affect the course of history in the future.
According to its graphics and reproduction, the game is a bit like a telenovela, the only difference is that all the dialogues must be read. But there are many stories of different stories, as well as options for possible turns of events, but for this, you need gems, to episode hack you can generate the gems and the episode free passes you want, and with these buy accessories and new opportunities for your character.

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