Solitaire Strategy

Fundamental Solitaire 3 Card strategy is fairly easy to understand. Here I will present you with a few tips on the best way to boost your success rate:
If you’ve got the option to either transfer a card from your deck or free a down card consistently find on the down card. The more cards you’ve got in play the easier it will probably be to complete the game.

Strive to maintain your stacks. If it is not possible to take the cards back from the end stacks, make sure that any cards you put on them could not be used to free any of the cards that are down. Keep in mind those freeing cards down should be your number one priority.
For those, who have to decide on one of two down cards that were potential to free up, picked the one that’s on the largest stack. Also take into account that there may be a scenario at which it is possible to begin by really removing a card on a smaller stack, freeing a larger stack. That happens if it is possible to remove a card that’s the last in a heap after which transfer a King to its location (in case the King is on a huge stack).
Should you not have any kings accessible, do not remove from empty slots. This way you are going to leave the most choices to yourself comes your way.
These Solitaire strategy tips are mainly useful for Klondike, but might be applied to other Solitaire games at the same time. There are three other Solitaire 3 Card strategy tips in the event that you want to play against other players which may help you:
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