Simple guide for mixing Bitcoins safely and effectively

bitcoin tumblingis also known in the name mixing or laundering Bitcoins. It is the process in which a third party will break connection between addresses of Bitcoin sending and to whom sent. As the blockchain of bitcoin is public ledger in which records of every transaction is there. Therefore, mixing coins can be critical for those who do not want others to know what exactly they send and stored in their BTC or they received it from where.

Mixing of coins properly can be a difficult task for people who are not that familiar with this Bitcoin. There are many good reasons for bitcoin mixing those who use Darket narket particularly. Some new tools are getting built for increasing the ability of public and private as well as government agencies by following bitcoins through the track and blockchain those who uses.

Now it is just waste of time but in the coming years it can be simple for people like your relatives, friends, employers and the law enforcements to have a track of each Bitcoin transaction you make and check exactly what is the balance amount. In order to break the connection between address and destination of your coins through mixing is obviously the better option that all the users must take.

Here is the simple way of Bitcoin tumbling so effectively:

Ability to buy bitcoins

Tor Browser- Create new wallets of Bitcoin using Tor and on any clear net.


Create new wallet 1

Buy bitcoins and how much you want to for mixing, send it to wallet 1

Create wallet 2 over Tor network

Send bitcoins from your wallet 1 to wallet 2 directly

Create wallet 3 and select the mixer to set transaction using wallet 3 address.

Send coins from the wallet 2 to address generated in mixer

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