Selection in terms of hyperbaric chamber for sale

In the worldwide hyperbaric chamber market you can find many models and brands, in Tekna we specialize in two types, which are: the actual monoplace hyperbaric chamber and hyperbaric oxygen chamber with its different techniques and a PVHO-1 which can be class A or T.

Depending on the manner in which the chamber will be used, it may treat someone by therapy simultaneously, such as a monoplace hyperbaric chamber or multiplace hyperbaric chamber. These compartments are under time limits in a way that people are placed in an environment of 3.Zero where the oxygen level is 100% with regards to medical quality. In turn, treated patients may breathe during their pause equally high-grade medical atmosphere or through a system applied by means of a mask.

When multiples people are treated, the multiplace chambers work best option obtainable considering the hyperbaric chamber price. They are pressurized in such a way that they’ll reach a setting of 6.0 in reference to the medical grade from the air. Individuals using the Mask or Hood system inhale 100% oxygen level having a mask or perhaps hood. This chamber model is tailored according to your preferences, needs and budget, despite the fact that chambers are mainly requested with regard to six people, we can build and design one of smaller or perhaps larger capacity.

To broaden our horizons and cover a larger market, our entire hyperbaric chamber on the market has been translated into a overall of almost One hundred and five different languages to be utilized for the same way in clinics and private patients.

Usually do not wait any further and contact us through our own website, if you are someone who wants something additional more than the particular hyperbaric chamber for oxygen therapy, we offer through the website any veterinary hyperbaric chamber on the market with the fresh technology in animal medication.

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