Reasons Everyone Should Watch Anime

There is no denying how popular Japanese cartoon (also called, “anime” by fans of the genre) has become. From its market existence in the 70s and 80s with show like Speed Racer and Astro Boy to the anime boom in the 90s with Pokemon, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z, anime has influenced Western pop culture and society radically using its far-out characters, creative worlds and first storytelling style.

Yet there remains a stigma surrounding Japanese cartoon that is keeping away many prospective Western fans. Many believe anime is focused on perversion and sex, others suppose it’s hyper-brutal and bloody, while many people only believe the whole cartoon matter that is Japanese is too strange for their Western sensibilities. In fact, anime can be for anyone and there’s a mountain of reasons everyone should before writing off the whole genre, at least give a go to an anime show or movie. Listed below are the top reasons you have to look at anime right now.

You Do Not Have to Worry About Cancellation of Your Favourite Show
There is not anything worse than getting actually like Star Wars: Clone Wars, Korra or Magnificent Spiderman just into a wonderful cartoon series to watch it discontinued following two or a season. With anime, that isn’t something you actually have to worry about. It’s really on going when an anime show is on-going.

All the most popular franchises like Pokemon, One Piece and attack on titan dubbed have been running for years (Pokemon continues to be going for nearly two decades!) and show no sign of quitting. When popular shows like Dragon Ball Z and Narutodo finish they usually have several hundred episodes under their wing that will be an excellent indication of religion for audience. Anime lovers really seldom get when viewing a watch attack on titan dubbed, the carpet pulled out from under them.

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