One straw from many makes the drink so much awesome funny hack

Laziness can be a great way of finding your brilliance. Wengie’s lazy hacks are just the same way of her being brilliantly lazy. It can be a boon to be lazy. Laziness gives you ways to search for lot of ways of doing the same is so boring to do the thing the same old school way. Innovation can be a boon
Wengie’s lazy hacks are funnypranks that will help you find different ways which can be entertaining and great in many ways. Not just it is easy to do but sounds brilliant. Using common sense ones in a while can be effective because your work will be done and at the same time you can be really genius.

We have faced problem when we are drinking some beverage from the coffee table. There is no point of the table, every time it gets irritating to bend again and again and get the same thing. Sometimes I wish gravity wasn’t there for the glasses or cups so they can be kept hanging. Or we would have that mind power like Matilda and life would have been such an ease. But let’s get back in reality.
For us normal people with the power of laziness, this lazy hacks is 85% in our lazy meter. You can use lot of small straws and make a big straw. Connect all the straws with tape and simply drink it without having the need to bend and get the drink.
This lazyhack can be a great prank, when your friend or sister has a drink and they keep it while drinking just stick the straw and sip everything. It is so much fun to irritate them. Thus, this lazy hack is a mind blowing and a very creative way of drinking. Laziness is such a boom for us. Such great inventions are just awesome. Stay tuned for more lifehacks.

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