Nectar Collector: The Trendy Way of Smoking the Marijuana Concentrates

The nectar collector is a really trendy way of smoking up the concentrates of marijuana. They vaporize the concentrates but are not actually vaporizers. They also make use of the water, but are not like the Bongs under $100. The nectar collector is therefore something completely unique and different from the rest. It is gaining a lot of popularity in the present times because of the ease with which they can be used. You can also easily share it with your friends.

Portable smoking
The new nectar collectors are more portable than the oil rigs. They are smaller in size and can be easily used for moving around. These collectors can really be dragged on to the concentrates that are to be inhaled. Hence it becomes easier for you to decide whether you need more hit or you have had enough.
Like most of the pipe based in haling devices, this collector too has a neck, tip and body. It is the neck where you will find the glass whip and you will be inhaling the smoke from there. The necks can usually be removed and are connected to the body via a joint. The Nectar Collector , is hence a really cool smoking device, where smoke travels through water filled chamber.
Usage of nectar collector
The first thing that you need to do in rode rot use the nectar collector, is to make use of the butane torch to heat things up. You need to place your concentrate on the heat resistant surface after that. Pressing the tip of the collector on the wax will allow you to inhale.
You will see that the nectar collector is a portable gem. It is therefore advisable to invest in the one which of good quality. These collectors are easier to handle than the Dab Rigs.

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