Microphones- Want to know more about it?

Microphones are the transducers that convert the sound into an electronic signal that later may get recorded. Thus microphones transfer the human voice energy to an electronic form that can be later used for variety of purposes. Microphones maybe a small cylindrical end or a spherical end to the stick erected over the stages where performances are done. Not only performances, but telephones need it to transfer the message from human voice to electronic form and then transmit it over distant areas. Hearing aids, public addressing systems, TV and radio broadcasting all need microphones at their disposal to commence their business activities. Obviously the sound recording studios depend upon these for their survival.

Audio is recorded when a singer is performing his part over some concert, or vocalist is busy stringing his instruments to stir the stone, or when some really important stuff between two personalities has to be recorded. It needs a high quality mic to establish the connection between the live performance voice and the recorded media to create its own origin in an electronic form. The recorded matter then can be put to any use that may arise.
But it is the efficiency recording equipments that has to be thought off. A distinction has to be made between the low end and the high end sounds, so as to provide the best ever recording stuff. Also the unavoidable rear noise must be minimized in order to make the voice of the desired subject audible enough besides being clear in terms of audio terminology.
It is the invention of condensed microphones that has enabled the above listed features to be fed in a single best studio microphone. A studio mic becomes the best studio microphone when it engulfs all the above mentioned qualities in its tag of specifications.

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