Know little about David Hester the controversial participant of “Storage Wars”

Known for his participation in the reality show “Storage Wars”, David Hester is a man who was so sure of his career and vocation that he used one of his father’s collections to sell it and start his business buying and selling items. used and old, and also soon discovered the potential of containers as a business, and thus begins his successful and successful career as a salesman, inaugurates a second-hand store in California and stores and consignment sales businesses, among his greatest discoveries in a container highlights an impressionist painting that I bought for $ 750 that after being authenticated in its true value, I managed to sell for $155,000.

When the producers of “Storage Wars”, began the search for characters for the show David Hester was one of the first selected and he did not hesitate a minute to join the show in which he already accumulates more than 100 chapters, which have not been completely lucrative and in which there have been several conflicts between the members and competitors of the show, on one occasion was dismissed from the program and after a demand can again admit returning attention with one of the participating couples, the controversy accompanies this character, called in the El Mogul program, has known how to take advantage of his fame to increase his personal wealth that exceeds four million dollars and threatens to continue increasing.
On a personal level, it is known that El Mogul has a son named Dave Hester who follows in his footsteps as well as his grandfather, turning the business into a familiar one with three generations doing the same job and with the same vocation and skills for bargaining and the auctions. Of the rest, little is known about the personal life outside the David Hester show, whether he is married or not, there is no more information and he reveals very little in his social networks.

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