How you can reward your own maid effectively

It is advisable that you don’t give way too many rewards to your maid; giving a lot of rewards to your 印傭 (Indonesian Maid) will make these get used to it. This leads to irritation when the time comes, there is not enough reward to give anymore. One must learn to minimize the actual rewards of their 女傭 (Housemaid) . Child connection with maids is something that can make many company worried. While the maid is taking care of the kid, the child could have gotten utilized to the maid compared to his or her father or mother, and this can lead to issues if the maid leaves down the road. Parents which employ maid can easily curb this by making certain during week-ends when their work is less, they ought to spend more time with their children.

Another thing that companies should note is that the responsibility of teaching the kids should not be committed to maid form the employment agency, this is because they are not trained for such kind of assignment. They could arrange the diet plan of your child, manage house function and carry out their normal routine, this kind of is their main task as well as employers must make sure that they follow this task.

It is component of a very good relationship skill for that employer so that you can relate with his or the woman’s maid beyond the opportunity of work. Because the activities of Indonesian service personnel cannot be divided from family members life. Organisations must make sure that they find out about what is making the maid perform reduced on a particular day, rather than just react as if the maid is useless, since the maid may be effective all the while. In gratifying the maid, there is need to follow the order of the requirements of the maid, coming from food, to be able to clothing, to shelter, to commendations like excellent, excellent, perfect and so on. The actual 僱傭 (domestic helper employment)女傭 (Housemaid) involves payment, which must be made before any coaching or visit can occur.

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