How to Really Help Someone By Purchasing Coffee

Here are the issues using Fair Trade and here are the issues with purchasing smart coffee directly from the farmer. In Costa Rica and as in many coffee states the farmers that you wish to help do not have any assets or resources. Most do not have phones or computers or some other way to understand about Fair transaction, therefore 95 percent of those poor farmers we wish to help do not even understand what fair trade is. Plus they do not have the funds to prepare an online company or to pay the transport expenses. Most scarcely have running water a few may even have power. And not one possesses a FDA import permit or the sum to prepare the bonds required to get Dept. of Agriculture import reviews.

Secondly nearly all selling their coffee into some co -op or coffee roaster – it’s the only market they understand or have – neighborhood sales. Fair Trade was put up for Americans to become the middle person and have Americans feel good about them. In theory it’s a fantastic idea – in training it’s done very little to assist the small farmer. And within this cycle off the worse – would be the laborers and kids who select the coffee – earning less than a $1. Do you feel the farmers that are fair trade certified pass their excess cash to the laborers? Or the individuals that aren’t.
And the thing that’s incorrect about Fair Trade is that you simply need to reevaluate you paid $ 1.26 a pound to the coffee – it does not matter who you really paid. Thus a Starbucks can cover the middleman or the roaster – $1.26 and its own certified Fair Trade. And that middle man could have compensated the farmer.40 and everybody drinking Fair trade coffee from Starbucks believes they’re helping a farmer. Please drink some coffee and wake up to the reality. That means it’s possible to purchase your smart coffee in the middle person and make it fair trade certified – it hinges on the price you pay no to whom you pay it!

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