How to Choose Butt Plugs

The use of butt plug and also tail plugs have become a very important sex accessory that if you don’t include in your kit, you might be missing out a lot. When choosing out butt plugs for uses there are a couple of things you should consider before choosing a butt plug for yourself. The first question you must answer is what the purpose of the butt plugs, whether it’s for experimentation or for hardcore sex or for role playing, this would help you determine the one to buy. Some butt plug come in kits that are in different sizes so you can use them systematically as your partner gets used to them.

If your partner is already one that is using butt plugs then there would be no need to go for the graded sets but rather other plugs that are a bit larger and not for butt virgins. Another use of the butt plugs could be for role playing, you might now need to go for tail plugs which come in different varieties, with this, the role your submissive would be playing should also be known so as to know the kind to also choose. Just in case you are not sure yet , you can also decide to go for different specks and choose later as she tries them on to find the best suited.
You might also need to get matching outfits with your tail plugs to blend into the role better; you might need to get suits or ears and neck chains. Some people might just insist of just getting matching lingerie to main the sexiness, whatever it is that suits you, you should also consider your partner to ensure that you are not going overboard with what he or she might be comfortable with.

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