How to bet on First Team to Score market

There are many betting markets that gambling agents offer to punters other than the outright market. One market that most punters are now finding it easy to stake on is the First Team to Score market. In this market, what a punter must determine is which team will score the first goal of the match. If the team selected scores a goal in the first minute, the punter would win the bet. The result of the match after 90 minutes becomes irrelevant. Although this market may sound very easy, punters must understand that soccer matches also end in 0-0.

Before placing a bet on this market at a soccer agent online or any other betting site, it is very important to look at the statistics of both teams and determine which team has been scoring the first goal most of the time. Do not worry whether the teams playing are equally matched or whether a top team is playing against a team at the middle or bottom of the league table. For example, a team might have lost all their last five games but in those games, the team was the first to score a goal. Punters should also identify when to place No Goal as the right outcome of the match.

This can be very tricky because teams always play to score goals. A 0-0 result happens most of the time, but this is a risky bet to stake on. To win this bet at casino SBOBET, always select teams that have been scoring the first goal and winning the outcomes of those matches. Also consider home advantage and find out whether the home team has been scoring the first goal in the last 10 home matches. The best thing about this market is that their odds are highly priced especially when two equally matched teams are playing against each other and winning the bet can make you good profit. click here to get more information domino qq.

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