Financing Used Cars? Not as Difficult as You Think

Although financing offers for the purchase of used cars isn’t as glamorous or impressive as those for new cars, financing is out there and it may not be as difficult to find a good deal as you think. It just takes shopping around for a good rate. You have three options to finance your car too: via dealership, traditional bank, or credit union.

Your credit score is going to be a big factor in this and it won’t hurt to know it before you start. Any lender is going to use that score to determine how much to charge you for the loan, or if you’re even eligible to receive one. So, the better your score, the better it is for you in the long run.
Lending institutions will consider three things when determining your eligibility for financing, and which financing terms to make available to you which comprise this score.
Credit History
They want to see how trustworthy you are with your financial obligations. The longer your history is, the better able they are to predict your reliability in paying back the loan. The shorter the history, the higher the risk!
Current Debts
No one wants to be over-extended financially. You’ll only become stressed and the lender won’t get their loan repaid. This is why your current debts will be reviewed to see how at risk the lender is. If your debts are low, you’ll most likely be hitting those used car dealerships before you know it. And the lower a risk you are, the lower the interest rate on your loan.
Payment History
Lenders check this to see if you’re making your monthly bill payments on time. If you are, then they’ll consider you reliable and a low risk. If not, you may get socked with a higher interest rate or declined altogether.
Shop around and compare rates. You’ll find a bit of a difference. It’s the worth the savings in the long run. Then it’s time to begin exploring the used cars for sale!
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