Famous celebrities gone through plastic cosmetic surgery

Know more and deep information via elitecelebsmag about famous personality surgery. In world there are many famous personalities that are gone through different type of cosmetic plastic surgery to look more confident and bold. Here are many example of famous personality, so today in this article reader find some name of famous people gone through surgery.

Top Famous personality
The top Famous personality gone through plastic or cosmetic surgery are as follows:
Cameron Diaz: Cameron Diaz is the famous and highly paid Hollywood actresses. She is gone through many type of surgery to look more confident. Firstly, she had done nose job then after the age of 35 she done with facelift or botox injection. She also gone through breast enlargement or boob job surgery to look bolder.
Ciara Harris: Ciara Harris is a famous American singer. Ciara gone through different type of surgery like nose job, boob job, skin bleaching, liposuction. Compare the older and latest photos of ciara and see the major difference.
Kaley Cuoco: Kaley Cuoco is Hollywood actresses and also appear in many TV shows. Nose job, breast enlargement, neck fillers, liposuction is done by Kaley Cuoco and she also admit about her surgery.

Alyssa Milano: Alyssa Milano is Hollywood singer as well as actresses. She looks fantastic after the different type of surgery. The surgery she gone through is breast augmentation for fuller breast, nose job for correct shape, botox injection for removing wrinkles and straighten and whiting the teeth.
Catherine zeta Jones: Catherine zeta Jones also a Hollywood actress. She looks more beautiful in her old young days. But as the maturity come then had done with many surgeries like breast augmentation, nose job, botox injection, mini facelift. Now she doesn’t look much beautiful as her in the older days.

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