EYEFS Curriculum

The nursery schools available in the country will be considered as the first and foremost place for children to get education. The children should be admitted in the nursery schools at the age of five. They have to start learning about the education and they have to gain knowledge. The nursery school is solely developed for new children. There are numerous number of schools are available in countries. Among that, parents can select the best nurseries in Dubai. The best nursery school will offer high standardized education to the children, so that they will come across international board of syllabus in their education.

In many of the best nursery schools, the high quality education is offered. In those schools, the parents can expect eyfs curriculum. This EYEFS stands for Early Years Education Funding Scheme. There are four principles are followed in this curriculum. They are discussed as follows.
 The Unique Child – Each child will be unique in their knowledge and attitude. The value of family and environment is taught by teachers. The positive thoughts and self confident is mainly prescribed to the children. They will stand unique in the society.
 Positive Relationships – The children will learn to live independent and strong. The positive relationship are taught to the children which is nothing but loving, foster sense of belonging, sensitive and to be responsive in all their needs. The stimulating and engaging is possible to them.
 Enabling Environments – The children will have strong relationship among every people in the society. Thus they will satisfy their own needs by themselves without getting any help from others. They also know the value of people in each stage.
 Effective Learning and Development – The communication part of the children will be taught with care. They will seem to be very strong in their communication. The playing and exploring characters will be highly available to the children.

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