Everything you need to know about e mail and its types

e mail or electronic mail is a mechanism that helps people to send and receive messages using electronic devices. The use of emailwas first introduced in the year 1960s which has now taken a huge growth. Today, people all over the world use it to send and receive messages so that they can easily get connected with each other. This is considered as the best and the safest way of conveying thoughts, details and important information from one person to another. When you mail to someone, you first need to have a computer or any other electronic device like mobile phones or tablets, and internet connection.

It is also used in business lines, other business areas where you need to send or receive messages as fast as possible. However, there are different types of e mail you can do to send and receive messages, where few of them are listed in the given content.

So here are the types of e mail:
Web-based e mail
There are many who use web-based email process, which allows its users to easily log in to their accounts using a compatible browser so that they can easily send and receive mails. If want to read another person’s message then it is important for you to download the message first if not you cannot read the message and without the internet connection, it is possible to read or download the messages.
POP3 mail service
It is also known as post office protocol where mails are accessed so that the clients can easily read mails directly from the e mail server.
IMAP server email
Internet message protocol or IMAP offers various amazing features so that users can easily manage their mailbox using different or multiple devices. Small devices like Smartphone are high in use because using it; you can read mails anytime and anywhere and make easy and instant replies to the other person.
So these were the few types of e mail that you can use to send and receive messages.

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