Custom labeled bottles water by custom water

custom water is here at your service to act as an investment that increases customer satisfaction, drives new sales and help them grow constantly. Also, it is inexpensive, provides a high class, looks incredible and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who sees it. They provide you with personalized water bottles that you can be used as a publicity stunt for your new restaurant or boutique. These bottles are super affordable as they are priced at wholesale. Why will anybody leave such an opportunity through their hands?

The bottles provided by custom water are available in many different sizes- 8, 12, 16.9, 23.7 and 33.8 ounces. These can be both customized and personalized according to the customer’s choice. The larger the water bottle, the larger can be the label of the bottle. By providing these bottles at the door, entry way, ice breakers and with the invitations, their success has been increasing continuously. Custom water has supplied their water bottles to a variety of industries:

• Sporting events

• Auto dealers

• Schools and universities

• Valet services

• Boutiques and restaurants

There are several ways in which you can customize your water bottle. The bottle type, cap color, label style and content everything can be personalized the way the customer wants. The area on the water bottle can be used to maximize the branding and personality. This can be done with the help of full color, imagery, logos and helpful information. Custom water delivers wedding water and business water to many destinations ranging from storage units, small offices, night clubs all the way to residencies, hotels, and grocery stores. You just have to contact them and discuss your needs.

The final step is to place an order with custom water. Once the label design you wished for is approved, you can receive your orders in 17-20 business days, sometimes less. They deliver bottles nationwide and service all over the USA. For more information, you can visit

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