Configuring Your Router with IP addresses for Internet Access

Internet technology
Internet technology is a unique innovation of the modern world information technology that has connected the whole world. Today, you can access to any information using search engines via internet, a connection where information is transmitted in the form of data packets in a specified network to which worldwide computers are connected. This unique network is world wide web or shortly referred to as www in the internet technology language. There are various internet service providers and you are subscribed to any one or more of the internet service providers for internet use. Your internet connection may be a LAN-based technology or Wi-Fi which is the latest technology for internet communication. For LAN -based technology, you use ethernet cable that is connected from your internet modem to your computer system to receive internet transmission.

Function of a router
Your router develops a network between the computers in your premise and modem connects that network and the computers on that internet network. Wi-Fi technology doesn’t require ethernet and modem, and internet transmission is received through a router. Many internet service providers provide a combined modem/router unit. Routing is a popular term in internet technology use. A router has simple function of connecting multiple networks and routing network traffic between them. Router connects internet to your private local network and contains build-in switches to connect multiple wired devices. Some routers are available with wireless radios to connect Wi-Fi devices. The router also offers some protection to your devices from direct exposure to internet and keeps track of traffic on every single device.

Role of IP addresses in routing
IP addresses have important role for internet access and this information can be obtained by visiting . Your internet routing is based on public and private IP addresses information that provide you the internet access from outside world and within your home network. So, information about both addresses is necessary to configure your router for internet access.

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