Coffee – A Historic and Meaningful Beverage

Do you know your morning coffee is even more important than what you think! Many people generally have a perception that coffee is just a boost of caffeine and keeps your powered all through the day. Apparently, its significance extends even more than that. It is a potent source of anti-oxidants that protect our cells from damage.

After water, coffee is the popular drink enjoyed by millions and billions of people worldwide. For many people the day does not start without sipping a cup of coffee and it is a love of their life. There cannot be an adult in this whole big universe without experiencing the taste of the coffee.
The history of coffee dates back to the 15th century and it is believed that origin of coffee started from Ethiopia, however there are no solid evidences to support this theory. There is another story about the history of coffee. It says that a monk’s goat ate some berries from a tree and stayed awake with lots of energy all through the night. He shared his experience with the other monks in the monastery and the popularity of energizing berries (which are actually coffee beans) flourished to other parts of the world and it led to the birth of the coffee.
After petroleum, coffee is the most traded commodity in the world and has become a part of modern day diet. Although there are many genres in coffee and the taste and blend keeps changing over time, organic light roast coffee is the latest trend hitting cafes with higher caffeine levels. One of the main advantage of this type of coffee is, they use the organic coffee beans, so the user can get the complete benefits of coffee.
Dish up a warm welcome to the day with organic light roast coffee!

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