Check out Celebrity Net Worth and who tops the Chart

You must have thought how much your favorite celebrity earns and how they become so rich in their life. What they do to maintain their super luxurious lifestyle. You can get this information later in the article. celebrity net worth is calculated by their salaries, assets, and their other investments. Intense research has been carried out to calculate their worth in the industry.

Richest celebrities are always an inspiration and walkway to future passionate aspirants. These are not the people who work behind the shade but are in the limelight and well known to people. Everyone carries a dream to become like their role model and ultimately earn like them.
Check out the list of top 5 highest paid celebrities of the world:
You can do your own research by checking out some top sites on the internet. For example Forbes, Richest celebrity wiki, etc.

1. Dr. Dre: Dr. Dre started as a rapper in Los Angeles. His Album “The Chronic” bagged him Grammy Award.
Age: 51, Net Worth: $730 Million, Profession: Musician, Country: US
2. P. Diggy: He founded “Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group” and produced many award winning music albums with various artists.
Age: 46, Net Worth: $780 Million, Profession: Musician, Country: US
3. Jerry Seinfeld: He started his career with stand up at “Catch a Rising Star” and heightened his career by appearing on “Tonight show.”
Age: 62, Net Worth: $860 Million, Profession: Actor, Country: US
4. Tiger Woods: He’s the youngest person to win all four major golf titles.
Age: 40, Net Worth: $900 Million, Profession: Athlete, Country: US
5. Madonna: She’s a performer and recording artist, who has won 7 times.
Age: 58, Net Worth: $910 Million, Profession: Musician, Country: US
Hope you’ll be inspired to be one of the richest celebrities. Good Luck!

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