Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Review (Single Player and Multiplayer)

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the newest from Treyarch at the Call of Duty Series, offers a compelling single player narrative and a fantastic multiplayer experience, including combined game play against zombies, and its own game play with numerous customization choices, challenges, and unlockables.

The single player story is just one of the greatest Call of Duty campaigns I’ve ever played, including numerous endings and narrative arcs, where your choices at crucial points in the game will decide the future of this narrative and of course, it is ending. The figures introduced offer a fantastic story in rear stories, resulting in the Vietnam war era up to the current day, where everything comes to a head. I didn’t have difficulty understanding the narrative, since the personalities and cut scenes presented keeps you current with all the events going on. The single player campaign offers multiple issues to select from and can be highly replayable, particularly for those wanting to view and unlock all of the endings. Additionally contained is the Strike Force Mode, which can be canon using the single player narrative and differs from the remainder of the effort, and see below for more information.
Game play
The game play at the single player campaign is standard first person shooter fair, with a reversal of “loadouts” for every assignment, and offers an excellent control scheme and may be changed from the options menu when the default is not comfortable for you. You’ve got access to grenades, non deadly grenades like smoke grenades, emp and other forms. This game also offers multiple weapons to pick from, even large tech variations and attachments, shifting how in which the gun acts, like better reload rates, fire prices, harm and so forth. You have access to specific weapons, like crossbows, ballistic knives, rocket launchers, combat axes, and many others that offer special combat choices.

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