Boruto episodes- an interesting Japanese animated show!

Boruto episodes are basically a Japanese animated show written by Ukyo kodachi. The series was started in April 5, 2017.You can watch this online and for the people who are new to this topic let‘s discuss the storyline of it. Boruto’s episodes is all about Naruto uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who searches for his identity and to become a hokage who is said to be the head of the village and after him the storyline will get turned and focus on Naruto’s son Baruto. Later, after the great ninja war, a new generation started in ninja world, as Naruto Uzumaki has achieved his dream of becoming the seventh hokage of the village after his marriage with hinata hyuga andhave two children. Their name is Boruto and himawari.
Boruto has joined a ninja team to learn the ways of ninja, followed by his family friends. Boruto becomes upset with this father as he feels that naruto places his duties over his family and also for missing himawari’s birthday. He was loud, energetic, stubborn not unlike his father. At some point he tried to learn rasegan but failed as he was not getting how to form it as well as lacking information on chakra management.
Compare his father to his age he was craftier and innovative, know how to opt for shortcuts and very intelligent to understand how the world works. Despite his laid back attitude he was very studious. He had a great affection with his mother and sister. He has also a very strong relationship with his father but because he became the seventh hokage the job responsibilities have increased. Because of which he was not able to give that much time to his family. The story line of Baruto episodes revolves around Baruto and his ninja team.
Baruto episodes are launched every month with twist and turns increasing the curiosity of people. If you have not watched it, do watch it and get the experience of ninja world.

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