Best websites to buy school supplies

Everyone knows that it takes a huge amount of money to purchase school supplies. Recently, a survey is done about the school spending by the National Retail Federation. It is found that most of the families spend about $700 only on the school supplies. This puts a deep dent in your bank balance.
So, how can you save money while purchasing the school supplies?
There are certain things which are necessary to be bought for your new academic year in the school such as pens or bag. But, you don’t need to spend the fortune on the stuff for the school.

Luckily, there are a lot of merchants, retailers, and stores that work both offline and online. You can get school appliances easily there at meager rates. You get pens, folders, pencils, notebooks, lunch boxes, and school bags from there easily.
The Internet can be an excellent place for purchasing the school supplies at cheap rates. But before purchasing, you must know about the reliable websites to visit. Here are few:
1. Amazon
Amazon may not be an only place of finding the school supplies at cheap rates, but it is one of the best. If you visit the website and check the section of clearance deals, you can find a lot of discounts there. There are discounts on the school supplies as well, including calculators and backpacks.
You must also visit the Prime Student section at Amazon. It gives free delivery for students on everything.
2. eBay
Notebooks, binders and many other school supplies are found on the eBay. You can enjoy various deals there. You may not see the exact items there. However, for having the generic products, it is the best place. (Don’t be so fussy about the colors).
3. US school supply
For those who own large families, this website is the best place for shopping school supplies. US school supply offers the bulk of deals. For instance, you get 100 2-pocket portfolios for only $40. So, make a big stock of the supplies for the kids.
4. Hollar
There are ridiculously low priced products on this website. You should check out Hollar for sure. At Hollars, you can have all kinds of the school supplies. Prices are meager. But, it is recommended to visit this website for backpacks especially. On there, you can have branded packs such as Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty and Star Wars. The quality is fine, and prices are as low as $2.
5. Craigslist
For some of the particular school supplies, it is the best website to shop. On Craigslist, you can search for most of the art supplies. The range is extensive, and rates are affordable. Other than this, you can also look for the musical instruments there. It is recommended to search the products in the sale section of this website. Search with the keywords like school supplies or office supplies. Or for the specific items, you can type backpacks or art supplies.
6. Newegg
If you or your kid is in the high school or college, then one of the prominent and costly school items is the laptop. Those who have tight budgets, they can get refurbished electronics including notebooks on Newegg. They are very cheaper!
(Be careful about purchasing electronics items from the reputable sellers only.)
7. Dell
Another great site for having the excellent variety of the refurbished laptops. You can get reasonable prices there.
Wrap up
The school supplies can be a bit costly. However, they must not be costing you the fortune. For saving a lot of money on the school supplies, you can go for the online shopping. You only need to know the best websites to purchase your school supplies. The sites as mentioned earlier offer the best prices, great discounts and coupons, and quite a high quality. This saves your time and money!

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