Best Juicers: Types of Juicers You Need to Know

Fresh juice is beneficial for everybody. So it is advised by the doctors to have fresh juice regularly and to get that you need a juicer in your home. Whether you want to get a new juicer or you want to replace your old one, it’s important that you buy the best juicers. But before buying one you must know the kinds of juicers available in the market. So it will be easier to buy the best.

Types of best juicers:
The very first thing you want to consider is the types. There are many kinds of juicers according to their features, style, and brands etc. Above all there are two main kinds of juicers available in the market such as:
1. Centrifugal juicer:
Centrifugal juicer is comparatively the older one in juicing industry. It actually works as a grinding process. You can use bigger sized fruits and vegetables to grind them and to get the juice. There is a metal blade that cuts the veggies or the fruits and separates the juice and the pulp. It costs less than any other machines. But as it grinds the vegetable and fruit to extract the juice with quicker blade spinning, it produces heat that lowers the juice quality. And the heat kills all the necessary enzymes from the juice.
2. Masticating juicers:
Masticating juicer, also known as clod pressed juicer is considered as the best juicers. It comparatively slowly pressed the fruit or veggies to extract the juice. As it doesn’t produce heat the level of the enzyme is higher. Also unlike centrifugal juicer, it does not produce noise while processing. Though it costs more than the centrifugal juicer because of its fine juice quality it is preferred by most.

Costlier doesn’t mean better:
While finding the juicer you need to remember that not all the costlier brand or juicer is the best. Sometimes low budget juicer produces the best quality juice and that can also produce other food processes as well. So before buying one, it is important that you do a good research on online websites as best juicers to buy the best one.

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