Albany Resort Bahamas: invest in stable, scenic future

With the real estate market set for a comeback, most investors are focusing on investing in foreign locations. Most of the attention is being focused on the Caribbean islands and Albany Bahamas, where Private communities provide a perfect way out the humdrum of urban life.

Live among celebrities, and become the toast of the town!
The name Albany comes from the centerpiece Albany house, surrounded by 600 acres of prime property, often hired for movies and weekend getaways. albany resort bahamas provide excellent facilities and memorable hospitality.
• Facilities include restaurant giants Aviva, state-of-the-art fitness centres, spas, equestrian centres, and a marina for up to 300 feet yachts.
• Your kids will have a grand time in the fully equipped children’s centre, with fun adventure programs full of learning opportunities.
• If you are a musician, avail the finest of recording studios with financial centres to find your perfect symphony: with the lack of a personal income tax, full-time residency is greatly encouraged.
• Go clubbing with your friends, and be pampered by the best of hotel staff dedicated to your needs round the clock. The grand opening of the mega-resort Baha Mar brings you, even more, variety in how you choose to spend your vacation.
Albany Bahamas: watch, play, meet, and stay, live
• Experience through a range of accommodations ranging from villas to yachts.
• Enjoy access from the convenient location just at the south-western end of New Providence, minutes away from the international airport at Nassau.
• Stay within 600 acres of excellent amenities, and explore every inch from championship golf courses to 300-foot yachts.
• With facilities for equestrian, water sports, tennis and boxing, enjoy the new standard of island life.
A world-renowned tourist spot, enjoy the 700 islands and the perfect balance between heritage, glamor, and Tropic ease. Invest in Albany Bahamas real estate today!

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