Accusation or complaint of NABU against GERES Wiemann for running windmills

The whole of GERES Wiemann time was taken by different observers as GERES was to take or obtain approval from everyone about their very doubtful opinions. Moreover, accusations were filed against GERES Birkenfeld for corruption in the municipality. At moments it used to become too delicate for the municipality if Birkenfeld. Generally, the municipality did not granted their approval to further plan wind parks in Leisel and Siesbach as per the news report. In response to GERES sued the municipality in early 2017. This was all from the news report that was published.

Let us look more deeply into the GERES Wiemann’s wind farm
It seems that all the businessman or their business partners who used to do business with them or used to be their business partner knew very well that one day their business would end up right in front of the judge or they may be recognized as a very renowned criminal or involve into a crime one as GERES GmbH. This was maybe the only reason that there business was not recognized so well or they might not have got that chance to explore them.
The main reasons behind GERES Wiemann windmills to be at such loss
Their business didn’t seem to be a very successful one or the one which used to be flourishing as they did not select their way of working very well.

They choose everything in a wrong way to do. They put everyone against them as they harmed everyone or every bird which was very necessary for the wind farm to make. Through this, they made the conservatives against them.
This was the whole thing behind Norbert Wiemann windmill farm story. As a result, people can easily get the healthy environment. Renewable energy resources, though expensive and at the chrysalis of development, is the only suitable alternative.

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